Monday, March 31, 2008

Status Update

Several of us had a de-facto meeting at lunch today. Here is a quick update for those of you who weren't there:

- Dave has decided that we are better off using a two motor system to drive opposite wheels instead rack and pinion steering.

- I have looked all over the internet and parts beyond and have been unable to find a small automatic gearbox. The only way to get them is as part of a hobby nitro car etc. This means we will need to probably buy or design a speed controller to regulate the motors.

- We needed to get a preliminary design in for the robot. This really only needs to be cosmetic so that Sarah has something to put up on the site. We ended with a flipper-like weapon that attaches at a pivot at the back of the robot like a skid loader. This is not the final design - just something that works for the moment.

- Chris (our newest member) has got some old electric scooter motors that should provide more than enough power for drive purposes.

- I have had a brainwave about the chassis, but I will post the details up when I'm done with horrible System Dynamics and Control stuff. Probably tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting. Once again, I implore you to set this as one of your homepages so you can keep up with what is happening.


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