Friday, June 27, 2008

Workshop Robot Building

Hey, since its the holidays we should arrange for some time to build our robot.

What days can people go into the workshop?


Before we can collect the controllers, we ALL need to sign a terms and conditions agreement and give it to Sarah. Since most people don't have any major commitments, I am going to suggest that we meet THIS THURSDAY (17th July) at the Royal for dinner (7pm). I'll print out a copy for everyone to sign, and we can have a progress meeting then too. Let me know if you can make it (facebook or email me if you have to).



Alex Jarkey said...

I will be away in Brisbane for about a week, but I will be back on the 9th of July. After that I have no more major plans, and I can come in anytime.

daveshapira said...

as long as i have a bit of warning, whenever is fine