Monday, April 7, 2008

Meeting time

Some of us are (or will be) having trouble getting to the 5:00 meetings on Thursday. Can everyone reply to this post with the times that are best for them. Those of us who can still make it to the regular meetings should go, but it would be good if we could all meet up at least once a week.

In other news, the first minor robot competition will be in about 2 weeks. By then, we need to have:

  • A chassis
  • A power source (batteries)
  • Two drive motors (and applicable gearboxes)
  • Tank treads (or wheels)
The other thing is that it looks like it might be a while before the uni will allow us to use their workshop to start building, so can everyone please post what tools/facilities they have access to? In the short term, we might have to do quite a bit of work at home.

Also, I hope that you are all going well selling chocolates and shares!

Peas out -


Chris Lee - Deviant said...

I probably dont have much say, but I could do Sunday...

Alex Chen said...

Sweet, I'll post something about batteries before I got into buying a few cells.

At the moment I have access to a soldering iron, which is great for batteries and wiring up stuff but useless for everything else.

Alex Jarkey said...

After the shopping spree that Dave and I took on Wednesday afternoon, we should be ready to get building. We were unable to buy a second motor, so we are going to use a single driveshaft for the rear wheels.

I'm building the transmission system as I speak, so we will see how it turns out.