Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Stalins Hammer

Time to throw my ideas into the ring. Please don’t see this as me trying to step on anyone’s toes or ideas.

In my viewing experience, some of the most successful Bots didn’t have or use any fancy weapons to beat the others, they used brute strength to man-handle the other contestants into those fiery pits or ram them up against the wall.

The design I’m thinking of is very similar, using a battering ram and high torque motors to bash the opponent into submission!

Taking into account the Australian Rules of Battlebots, specifically the one not guaranteeing a perfectly flat arena, my idea is too use tank treads to power the machine, in a dual configuration ala The Mammoth Tank of Command & Conquer fame to lower the resistance and power draw from the batteries. It also takes from Alex’s idea of having the drive wheels above and below the chassis Alex raised good point about having to change the steering 50% of the time, this can be solved using this a bit pricey but well worth it?

And finally the chassis/design, build the weapon into the chassis so the battering rams are tied directly in and there is no central compression point when something gets rammed.

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Alex Chen said...

I think the simple weapon idea, where the ramming or just a blunt object being used somehow is a great idea.

Since we are competing in the 12~15 kg(can'remember exactly) class, most robots would be weighed down with just batteries and motors, and a good ram could upset some poor or elaborate wiring or components.

As for the controller, that battlebot bit does look extremely nice. That being said, I don't think anyone at the moment knows a defnitive budget for the robots, and if we did decide to purchase it, it would most likely take up a large portion of it.