Sunday, May 4, 2008

Chassis Design

The frame for the chassis is going to be built from 16mm stainless steel tube. At present, it is simply a rectangle with inner dimensions of 300mmx400mm, but we will definitely extend it into a trapezoidal shape, and we can add reinforcing beams if necessary.

I stumbled upon this site while I was looking for metalworking circular saw blades. It has some good tips and info.

Check the comments for progress updates.

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Alex Jarkey said...

Right, so I took the tubing home to cut it, but it turns out that the only circular saw blades I have are for wood.

I tried it anyway and did a few test cuts, but the teeth are too coarse and it sort of just tears into the metal leaving a very jagged and warped edge. Also, it was beginning to damage the teeth so I decided to stop and buy a proper metalworking blade later this week.

Sorry for the setback everyone. Fortunately, it is still a few weeks before the next mini-competition.