Thursday, May 15, 2008

Workshop Initiation Reminder

Hey, for those of you still reading the blog, just a reminder that workshop initiation is next Friday 23 May.

Looks like we're going to be allowed to the student workshops after all.


Alex Jarkey said...

That's great that we get to use the uni facilities - unfortunately AFTER I spend $99 on tools, but never mind.

Sorry I wasn't there on Thursday, I got stuck in a chem lab and my phone was out of batteries. I'll be able to make it on Friday for the introduction - I think it's important that everyone else attends too.

Alex Chen said...

Hey that's fantastic, we'll have our whole team there.

Bit of a bummer about the tools though.

Alex Jarkey said...

Just reminding everyone that the workshop is open during the holidays. In addition, the student workshop can get busy during second semester, so don't count on being able to have unrestricted access at all times.